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We were robbed

Today was the SMAP Halloween tournament.

Unfortunately, apparently the judges were blind. We maxed 10 with a consistent 6 through the whole event (30 minutes is too long anyway), but apparently, the Nachos won due to “better tactics, formations and sizes”. However, on the post on the post on the SMAP site, it says the following:

Instead of our boring formations, penguins would run around instead. Upon the request of one of our most recents polls, we decided to make this possible and hold a tournament that time travels back in time.

Now surely, formations shouldn’t matter if we’re going by true 2007 warfare, where penguins would run around a lot? And we beat the Nachos in every other aspect. Tactics? Yes. Sizes? Yes.

I can count 10 blue penguins in that picture alone. The Nachos only managed to max 10 right at the end, after being afk for pretty much the entirety of the event.

However, as we are Marines, we will take this in our stride, and we’ll win the SMAC tournament. We are the Marines, the few, the proud!

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  1. Oh well, we did well. 😛

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