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Message To SN:

You haven’t won the war lol, you went to 1 battle lmaooo, you also somehow think we were invading frozen yesterday????? How???? If you read more you’d see there’s a event titled “INVASION OF FROZEN” you’re weak SN, built of a friends list and have some wannabe legends for leaders, just shut down already, you clearly can’t use a name to your advantage

7 Responses

  1. -__- here comes the flaming

  2. http://snowninjascpa.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/message-to-marines/ read it, and stop the damn flaming.

  3. hazard you are great in all events,battles and all armies but please make a battle of DW anyway this army is best and we want more members to chat

  4. where is the cp hidden lake please reply

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