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Statement to Snow Ninjas

Now, Tryme, in the past we’ve ignored your cute little posts. Mainly because (I’ll put it in simple words as you’re a tool), you’re irrelevant. You started the “flame war” with that little “video games” post. We responded. Don’t take the moral high ground on that one, pal. We have been playing fair the entire time, you haven’t. You chose to screenshot Tot making a typo, I’d say that’s pretty unfair. Marines logged on at the right time for that invasion, and you know it.

I’m not gonna carry on with anymore, as I realize you’re just a lil’ kid, and arguing with you is pointless. If you’ve taken one single thing from this post, please let it be that we don’t care about your little rage posts about Marines being “RLY UNFAIR!!1!” and whatever other shit you come up with. It’s gonna be great seeing the Snow Ninjas perish.

2 Responses

  1. https://therustedhelmet.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/the-trump-cup/
    We ask Marines to partake in The Trump Cup.
    For more details, find me on xat.com/ararmyhq

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