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Hello Marines! 

I’d like to begin this post off with a farewell message. As many of you are aware, Epic101 has decided to retire from the CPA community. He has been vital to the growth of our community for years now and we here at the Marines wish him nothing but the best!


Recruiting – We have begun to grow over the past few days, and it has been a direct result of our increased recruiting. Our site views have gone up, our discord members have gone up and our chat has been more active. Keep it up Marines! 

Leadership – Some of you may have noticed that Fish has been bumped down lately. Not to worry, this is solely due to her inactivity. When she feels ready to return, her leadership spot has been left open for her!

Coins  It has come to our attention that a few of our troops have been asking about coins for our last event (April 30th). As of right now (May 2nd), the coins have not yet been awarded. Be patient! These things take time. There is no need to worry, you will receive your coins!

Promotions/Demotions – We are pleased to announce the promotions of both Scottman420 and Pranav who are not both mod ranks! They were promoted due to their hard work. Recruiting, welcoming new recruits and staying active in the chat! 

On a more serious note, there are still a few owner/mods we are monitoring due to recent inactivity. Take this as your final warning, if there is not a noticeable increase in activity – you WILL be demoted. 

Good work overall Marines! With more hard work, we will grow to the top of the standings in no time!



~The Marine Leadership~

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