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Today I must inform you that we are entering into a grand war with the Pizza Federation and Templars with our allies the Water Vikings and The People’s Imperial Confederation.

They mercilessly ravage PIC’s lands and have usurped from them what is rightfully there’s during their current fragile state.

This will NOT stand. We have stood by idly for far too long but now my Marines we take action we move onto the Pizza Federation with a complete show of force and power and we will prevail and wipe them off the map.

Meanwhile our allies the Water Vikings will take the Templars head on crushing them with the strength of a tsunami. They too will not last long like their Pizza brethren.

Although we enter this war proudly and boldly we must be prepared for more of our enemies allies to enter this war in an effort to support them, but this will be a fruitless effort as i know for a complete certainty we will emerge victorious.


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